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I wasn't expecting company just yet. check back later to see my new stuff!

mac saturn carousel_2.jpg
mac saturn carousel_3.jpg
Mac Saturn

Mac Saturn


Mac Saturn has a strong vintage aesthetic and so it only felt suiting to design a surreal, vintage space poster to promote their Detroit concert. The poster design features Saturn’s orbital patterns and other atomic design elements.

Elle King Mock_1.jpg
Elle King Mock_3.jpg
Elle King Mock_2.jpg
Elle King

Elle King


Blues pop singer Elle King fell in love with tattoos and tattoo culture. She met her current partner (and father of her child) by getting tattooed by him and is currently clocking in at 55 tattoos. This femme tattoo flash poster is a tribute to her love of tattoos, tattoo culture, and the influence tattooing has made in her life. 

Smino + JID Mock.jpg

Smino + JID


JID + Smino’s current tour is titled “Luv is 4ever”. The poster design attached is inspired by intricate, vintage ironwork. With added “romantic” elements like roses, doves, and hearts, and with a liquid mercury aesthetic to modernize the overall design from its vintage roots.

Smino + JID Mock 01.jpg
Smino + JID Mock 02.jpg
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