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Old Spice, the men's toiletry brand, is well known for its well-humored ad spots. The company has done well with their slogans like "Smell like a man, man." and "If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist". However, the brand is missing out on a huge target market-women. Women's deodorant does not provide the same, long-lasting protection that men's deodorant does. Who knows what could be possible if women had the same protection as men?

Old Spice
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: Christiana Azmy

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: Christiana Azmy

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: John Skvasik

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The Alzheimer's Association is a group that works towards helping families of those suffering from Alzheimer's with coping with the disease as well as funding research. Our goal was to draw attention to the group and encourage individuals to volunteer. We wanted to show those without Alzheimer's how scary it is to have the disease and feel so helpless. 

Alz Association
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: Christiana Azmy

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