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: Christiana Azmy

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: Ryan Georgevich

Case Study Script, It's in the Music, Finding Diana Ross, Paint the City Motown

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: Heidi Washburn

Mic Check

Motown Museum is approaching its 60th Anniversary in 2019, however, foot traffic is falling. The museum plans to use current and prospective funds to remodel the area and expand. Motown came to us asking for help increasing foot traffic as well as their social media presence. 

Metro Detroit Millenials don't have the same sentimentality that baby boomers have for Motown, however, there is a strong familiarity. We planned to leverage this and make Motown more digestible for our target. 

Create a cohesive campaign, without a budget, to get Millenials in the door for the 60th anniversary.

finding diana ross-02.png

To kick everything off we wanted to help grow Motown's social media following and show how relevant Motown still is to Millennials. We sought out up and coming Detroit artists inspired by Motown and created social posts that could be shared on both Motown and the artist's social accounts, creating exposure for both sides.

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Detroit is undergoing a huge revival, the city is getting a makeover, and a huge part of that are the murals that are popping up all over town. We decided to take over, showing that Motown is still very much a part of Detroit and this revival, by taking over murals and making them our own personal billboards. We found murals all over the city, in Midtown, Downtown, and Eastern Market to get the most exposure. 

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We decided to secretly hide free tickets to the Motown museum in redesigned LP covers throughout Detroit record shops. Our main goal was to get millennials reinvested in the music as well as the museum as well as get people out of their phones and actively searching for Motown.

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New Record 1.jpg
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To wrap things up, and lead people more directly to the steps of Motown we placed an installation in Campus Martius. By placing an amp at the heart of Detroit and painting a mic chord all the way to Motown, we'll increase traffic and start buzz about Motown.

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