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Hand drawn animation

Hand Drawn Animation

Every year brings in new years resolutions. 2023 was no different. I began to focus on frame by frame, hand drawn animation and how to design around it.

Moody Orange Packaging

Moody Orange

The backstory to this is pretty simple, there was no brief, just an idea. I love music and I love this song, I work in advertising, I thought... I should make a product and packaging that represents this song i love so much! And so, this project was born. Inspired by Rainbow Kitten Surprise's Moody Orange, I created moody orange juice. Could be spiked, could just be orange juice, thats entirely up to you. 

Tomorrow's Problem Apparel

Tomorrow's Problem

While working from home, work life boundaries were almost non-existent, calendars and to-do lists got fully very quickly. The mantra "that's tomorrow's problem" became an everyday mindset. The merchandise design below is an ode to the COVID craziness and working from home.

Astrology 101 + 201

astrology 101 + 201

Navigating a new work place and company culture can be difficult, especially when facilitating conversations about work styles, communication styles, and comfort surrounding confrontation. In 2019 (just before the global pon de replay), I designed an interactive presentation with collateral utilizing astrology to break down walls between coworkers and have those difficult conversations. I made custom animations, print outs explaining what astrology says about each of these placements, and paired people into groups based on polarities in each planetary placement. 

BLM Broken Record Album Cover

BLM broken record cover 

In 2020 the world mourned the loss of George Floyd. For the second time, a Black man was killed at the hands of police violence despite alerting that he could not breathe. Those words, "I can't breathe" were no longer a coincidence, now a broken record turned anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement. These album covers were designed in tribute to George Floyd, Eric Garner, and many more lives that were taken too soon.