Omniwomen Chicago Social Strategy + Design

In July of 2021 I joined the Omniwomen Chicago board as Director of Social. Previously, we had only used social and the social feed to celebrate iconic moments in women's history as they were happening, as well as event support. The pandemic challenged us to change the way we looked at social and use it as a way to interact and support one another while we were all working from home.


We decided to make a notable shift in content to perennial content. To use our feed as a resource to women across Chicago (people a part of omnicom agencies and not). We curated content around monthly themes and partnered with women owned businesses to continue our mission to elevate women across the city.

This page is under construction. Check back soon for more updates about this work!

perennial content


perenial content

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Monthly event recap

Artist Spotlight

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perenial content

Affirmations Carousel

event support

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Artist Spotlight Event

Tianna Bracey


Business Spotlight

Leslie Bowman

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Happy Hour

ERG Mixer